Fall Into Your Inner Chill


It always seems like summer goes by so quickly, and before you know it Autumn arrives.  With the start of a new season, the yin season, it is time to reassess what's working, what's not, what you want to manifest into the final months of 2018.  It could be money, love, health, finding calm, or many other options.  It is also a time to ground, cleanse and nourish.  

Essential oils that are great for this time of year include: Thieves (which contains Lemon another good option), Orange, CedarWood, Idaho Blue Spruce, Frankincense, Clove, Cinnamon Bark & Ginger.  These range from uplifting citrus, grounding woods & oils that are also edible and often remind us of our favorite holiday meals.  There are many custom blends that can add flavor to your holiday gatherings.  My favorite Thanksgiving Diffuser blend is:  Thieves 3 drops, Lemon 2 drops, Citrus Fresh 2 drops.  Thieves is an absolute must for this season of the year.  

One of my autumn rituals has become leading my fall workshop at YogaWorks Woodland Hills.  This year it will be on November 3, from 12:45-2:45p.  I hope you can join me for 2 hours of meditation and restorative yoga bliss.  I'll have 2 Reiki Assistants, lots of oils, and a focus both on some deep restorative poses as well as finding your own meditation tools.  I finished my meditation instructor certification with davidji this spring.  Click here to learn more or sign up.   

All my classes are running, and I hope to see you soon!  As always reach out with any questions regarding oils as well as suggestions on diffuser blends.  I hope you will take time to restore and relax and enjoy the magic that is fall.  


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